Storyhive Cases

Since our in-house technical team first developed the Storyhive system in October 2015, we have applied this system in different use case scenarios. With Storyhive, we are able to synchronize a group of VR devices together and control or pace the 360-degree content for a group of audience, so they will be able to enjoy a collective, shared experience in the virtual space concurrently. Another good thing is that we could easily bring the package to different parts of the world and repeat the virtual show. Now, the amount of requests to use this system for presentations and shows has grown significantly since the beginning of this year, and we are happy to share with you some of the cases we have conducted recently.

Storyhive for Business Presentations

Here is a sneak peek into a property launching event Hiverlab has conducted. In the virtual world, audience will enjoy personalized experiences as they look around and interact with the virtual environment. By presenting everything as it is, a sense of transparency and intimacy is created. Meanwhile, virtual presentation is a cost-effective and time-saving way for presenters to bring individual or a group of audience on site without having to physically bring everyone there. This makes virtual presentation is an effective and engaging communication tool,  and helps to establish trust between the brands and the audience.

Storyhive for Public Entertainment

Here is a sneak peek into a collective VR story screening session Hiverlab has conducted at TEDx. The amount of synergy is amazing, as you could see clearly how the audiences were sharing their emotions and thoughts during the show, and how people would still be discussing about their experiences even after they took off their Gear VRs.

Storyhive for Education

Here is a pilot test in which Storyhive is used in virtual classrooms. The content is about earthquakes and social responsibility. You have probably heard about VR education programs such as Google Expeditions before. We are exploring a rather unique education direction with some world leading researchers and scholars who have expertise in their area of research for decades or are pioneering in emerging academic field.

This is a part of what we mean by “advancing storytelling experiences”. It is not just about stories alone, but also about the overall experiences. VR is a new medium, and a form of communication is likely to originate from here. Let us not confine ourselves with the existing terms such as “gaming” or “movies” or “motion pictures”. There is gotta be something more. So stretch your imagination, wait and see what Hiverlab will brew for you in a few months of time. Stay tuned.

* We would like to express our gratitude to Samsung, our hardware sponsor, for making the experiences possible with Hiverlab.


Share your world with your audience in an immersive 360° ​virtual reality experience.Virtual reality is a powerful medium that engage audiences like never before.

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