Hiverlab Showcasing @ Ministerial ICT Forum

We were honored to be invited to the Ministers’ Forum 2016 and showcased our work to ministers from 21 countries. The event was held at the City Hall Chamber at National Gallery, the place where the British accepted the surrender of the Japanese on Sept 12, 1945, formally ending the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, and also the same place where Singapore’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew was sworn into office on June 5, 1959.

Immersing ourselves in the ambiance of such a historically significant place, we couldn’t help but to ask ourselves again what roles we will choose to play in the grand history of humanity. VR is a new medium, and a new art form is likely to originate from here. Let us not confine ourselves with the existing terms such as “gaming” or “movies” or “motion pictures” or “social networks”. Let us stretch our imagination and strive to push the boundaries of not just storytelling, but the overall experiences, perhaps even human cognitive skills. What role do YOU choose to play?


Share your world with your audience in an immersive 360° ​virtual reality experience.Virtual reality is a powerful medium that engage audiences like never before.

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