When San Miguel Meets Hiverlab & Discovery Networks

Co-produced by Discovery Networks and Hiverlab, this video was part of San Miguel’s marketing campaign in Manila, Philippines. The team stayed in Manila for 5 days to capture all the shots we needed for the video. Let us walk you through this journey.

All packed and ready to go!
1 ready to go.jpg

Arrived in Manila. Experience the speed of a roller coaster. Thank god our suction cups are powerful enough to hold the camera firmly.
2 roller coaster.jpg

Soar up high in the sky to enjoy some beautiful sunset. Many thanks to IDA for offering team Hiverlab free drone classes so that every team member knows how to fly a drone.3 drone.jpg

Delve down into the ocean to see some mysterious ship wrecks. If you remember, we have produced another underwater documentary called Against Blue Currents last year. We have upgraded the underwater filming system this time round.4 underwater.jpg

Drive around Manila.5 driving around Manila.jpg

Have a nice cup of beer to chillax and celebrate the dynamic experiences of life. Timing is very important to maintain the frothy foam on top of the beer. We were lucky to have a very skillful bartender!6 have some beer.jpg

Meanwhile, our editor is busy with on-site stitching for the team to preview the shots. Power.7 on-site stitching.JPG

And finally… Wrap!8 wrap.jpg

For more behind-scene stories, feel free to visit:



Credit to Samsung who provided us a free Gear 360 to capture the behind-scene stories.


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