VR is used in various industries for various purposes, but have you ever thought about how VR can be used to benefit the minorities?

In collaboration with MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens school, a special education school in Singapore, we delivered dynamic VR experiences to more than 100 students within 1 day through the Storyhive system. Guided by the special education teachers, many students experienced boating, diving, flying, and roller coaster for the first time of their lives. The classes were further supplemented by Q&A sessions and discussions after each single experience, to enhance the training of the students’ observations skills, memory skills, and communication skills. A highlight video can be found here.

The overall feedback from the special education teachers has been very positive. All of them either agree or strongly agree that the VR experiences we have provided have benefited the students, and Storyhive sessions are easy to facilitate.

Moving on, we will keep exploring the usage of VR for special education and to benefit the minorities. Every individual matters, and immersive technology is for everyone.