Singtel x Hiverlab – Future City

VR model

Have you ever wanted to feel like someone in a high-tech spy movie? Now you can, with the Hiverlab x Singtel Future City visualization.

Back in 2018, we worked with Singtel to build this high-tech and engaging virtual reality simulation, which combined many live data streams from LTA and NEA with our interactive map of Singapore. We wanted to showcase how Singtel’s network was fast and stable enough to deliver the required data quickly and reliably to customers.

Selection of data display

The data we obtained from LTA and NEA APIs helped to influence the conditions in the simulation. If NEA forecasted rain, the virtual environment would rain, and if LTA data told us that there was a traffic jam, the same traffic jam would appear in the simulation. This was our attempt at enhancing realism, allowing viewers to feel more connected to the real world while being immersed in a virtual one.

The simulation also showcased the power of data visualization – information that can be hard to grasp in its original form can be turned into something interactive, enjoyable, and easy to understand. We managed to successfully transform raw data from LTA and NEA APIs into a visual language which can be easily understood by viewers.

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