During the OCBC Future Smart Learning Festival organized by OCBC Campus, we showcased our data storytelling experience in virtual reality – the result of months of collaboration with the Bank. It showcased how “Digital Twins”, which basically refers to a virtual copy of an existing physical item, can be used in a corporate environment.

We extracted unorganised data from a 300 page PDF report containing information about important skill sets in the next 3-5 years, and compiled them into an interactive and intuitive VR presentation. The aim of this presentation was to equip key decision makers with the necessary information for them to make sensible decisions with regards to training and developing their employees. The data that we extracted was the result of research conducted by many government and private organisations, such as MAS and Ernst & Young.

Our VR presentation gave a clear overview of all the different job scopes available, such as  financial consultants, product analysts, as well as sales. Upon selecting a job type, the presentation would then show the relevant skill sets required, as well as highlight the skills which are actively evolving in the digital age. Users would then be encouraged to re-skill and update themselves to prepare for a future-smart workplace.


On top of simply displaying the information for users to scroll through, our VR solution also allowed users to filter, search and sort through the different career types in virtual reality. 

The event was well-received by participants and many were eager to experience the VR presentation for themselves.

The VR presentation is currently being showcased in OCBC in-house events.

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