How Casinos Will Use Virtual Reality Technology in The Future

Virtual reality has been in existence for more than five years. The technology has evolved tremendously within this short period of time. Many industries, such as Automobiles, Manufacturing, and Healthcare, currently leverage on virtual reality in one way or another. It is not surprising that VR has become the next big thing in gambling. In this article, we will see how VR Casinos use immersive technology now and how they might use it in the future.

Virtual Reality Casinos -The Current State

Players can play a broader array of games such as slots, roulette, and various card games. You can get a full gaming experience; however, you cannot cash in or withdraw any chips. You have to perform those functions on the casino’s website.

  • The dealer and other players are avatars. You can pick an avatar for yourself.  Also, you can communicate with the other players. Some casinos have sophisticated technology that allows you to buy drinks for other players and flirt around.
  • Players can roam through VR casinos like in the regular ones. As players walk through the casino, the scenery changes. They can even see the landscape change through its windows.
  • While playing and moving through a VR casino, you can tell you are in a virtual world. The immersive technology for casinos has not evolved to a seamless effect between the real and virtual worlds.
  • Despite some limitations within the VR gambling space, this technology is evolving at a brisk pace. Here is how VR casinos may look like in the future.

The Future of Virtual Reality Casinos

It’s hard to predict the future for anything; however, technology evolves quickly. With fast evolution, comes trends and concepts. From these ideas and drifts, immersive technology seems to follow; we can make some educated inferences. Here are some educated conclusions based on current trends in virtual reality.

Increased Activities Inside Casinos

Casinos want to keep players entertained and comfortable. They do this to keep players inside their place.

Much progress is going on to create entertaining experiences inside VR casinos. Soon, VR gamblers will be able to hang out, catch a concert, check out a show, and immerse themselves in all the entertainment VR casinos offer.

Currently, many VR casinos have bars and gathering rooms. This aspect will improve and create a more robust experience.

Increased Merging of Virtual and Real

Currently, players can tell they are playing cards in a virtual world. However, as technology evolves, this will change to an increasing degree. Virtual casinos will eventually create a seamless experience where you cannot tell the differences from real and virtual, but that probably will not happen until the next decade.

Evolve into a Vital Role in a Bigger Immersive Experience

As virtual reality transforms the tourism and hospitality industries with VR tours of sites and landmarks, casinos will join this transformation. Casinos will merge the already blossoming immersive technology in tourism with VR casinos. For instance, soon potential Vegas visitors will take a virtual tour of Vegas and pop into a virtual casino during their journey. This aspect starts moving the needle towards the bigger VR experience casinos wants to create.

Integration of VR and Cryptocurrency

This merging might happen within this decade. VR technology is almost evolving alongside bitcoin technology. Many video games are already tokenized, but with “virtual currency.”

Soon, VR casinos will start accepting digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. It is easy to see VR casinos linked to Bitcoin hubs like Coinbase or ShapeShift. Merging VR and Cryptocurrency would move VR casinos closer to actually paying out winners.

Integration of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and AI are developing by leaps and bounds in the business world. These technologies are shaping decision making within businesses. So, it makes sense that someday smart machines could run VR casinos. Bots could handle customer service, bitcoin technology could handle the banking end, and AI could manage cybersecurity. This scenario could begin to happen this decade.

Increased Personalization

Most video games allow players to customize their avatar and upgrade to make personalized changes to settings and backgrounds. Soon, players at VR casinos will be able to personalize their avatar.

It is possible to visualize a day when a personal guide greets every player entering a virtual reality casino. This private guide will know your preferences, such as the games you like to play and the type of music you want to listen to while playing.

Virtual Reality Casinos Will Become the New Normal

With decreases in the cost of VR headsets and their accessories, many more people will have access to VR casinos. When the majority of players discover the heightened experience of virtual casinos, the VR casino could become the new normal.

Whether these predictions come true is anyone’s guess. VR casinos could evolve just as described above, but they still face obstacles like access, regulations, and other challenges. However, it will be interesting to watch how different VR casinos look 10 or 20 years from today.


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