These 7 Singaporean Companies Improved Their Growth using Immersive Technology

Leveraging immersive technology such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in Singapore is all about staying ahead and competing in Industry 4.0. Here are some leading Singaporean companies already implementing immersive technologies.

1. DBS Bank

DBS, the largest Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation, is among the first financial institutions to use virtual reality.

DBS’s headquarters is designed to bring about innovation and heightened productivity for her employees. Drawing inspiration from Google offices, DBS creates the perfect contemporary workspace. A work environment that increases employee morale enhances work-life balance and improves customer service.

Not only does DBS use virtual reality to create innovative employee experiences, also the bank leverages on virtual reality for its marketing campaigns. Partnering with Hiverlab, one of the leading VR companies in Singapore, DBS created a thrilling immersive travel experience to highlight the benefits of its Multi-Currency Account.  In addition, DBS rolled out a VR mortgage app that allows Hong Kong homebuyers to go on virtual, 360-degree tours of properties.

2. Singtel

Singtel, the leading telecommunications company in Singapore, has been leveraging immersive technology as early as 2015. It is the first company to complete an end-to-end 5G AR video call. They showcased the use of AR by creating on-screen annotations where both parties can view on the same screen.

Singtel is also a pioneer in creating virtual reality experiences. They collaborated with HiverLab to develop four interactive virtual reality experiences for their 5G Exhibition Hall. The immersive experiences included:

  • Real-time smart city data visualization
  • Remote Surgery Simulation
  • Smart Office visualization
  • Smart Home visualization

The objective of these experiences was to help viewers gain enhanced visualization and knowledge of the potential applications of 5G technology.

3.  Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC)

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) launched ARTC in 2015. It is Asia’s first centre for test-bedding and cultivating manufacturing technologies.

One of ARTC’s initiatives is to use Industry 4.0 technologies to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of factories and industrial operations. ARTC’s Model Factory @ ARTC is an AR app that supports this digital transformation. The ARTC Model Factory AR app permits users to discover smart manufacturing procedures and interact with specific machines in ARTC’s model using a smartphone.

ARTC and HiverLab collaborated to develop a multi-part smartphone-based AR app. This AR app enhances factory visits with interactive experiences. The app also provides ARTC team members increased flexibility to arrange tours. Plus, the AR app serves as a test run for the concept, Digital Twin.

4. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

As a vital medical facility in Singapore, KK Woman’s and Children Hospital plays an essential part in training the country’s doctors and nurses who specialize in healthcare for women and children.

KKH understands the power AR and VR can bring to its surgical training programs. KKH leverages immersive technology to train surgeons to perform intricate procedures from stopping the bleeding of blood vessels, to inserting central venous catheters and performing hysterectomies.

5. Ascott Orchard Singapore

Ascott Orchard Singapore is one of many hotels and service apartments in the tourism and hospitality industry that is enhancing their marketing efforts with immersive technology.

Ascott Orchard partnered with HiverLab to create an Interactive VR app. With this application, users can tour Ascott’s private service apartments and find interactive icons throughout the tour. The service apartment loaded the virtual reality experience into Hiverlab’s Storyhive system so users can be present in the virtual settings and communicate within it.

6. Touch Community Services

Touch Community Services is a leading non-profit charitable organization in Singapore. It is a multi-service organization with an integrated network of 18 services, 23, centres, and 24 children’s clubs interspersed around Singapore.

Touch takes mental health seriously and has extended mental health education into virtual reality. Working with Hiverlab, Touch unveiled its VR Immersive Experience on the topic of depression.

Touch Community Services created two 1st person virtual reality stories that run via Storyhive classroom VR sessions in schools. Story one relates with depression and story two relates with anxiety. The stories aim to create awareness of mental health issues among Singaporean youth.

7. National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore has taken advantage of immersive technology to new heights. “The emergence of digital and future technology has opened many doors for museums worldwide and we now have the opportunity to redefine the conventional museum experience, “said Angelita Teo, the museum’s director.

 A series of VR experiences were highlighted at the museum for the first time in December of 2017. As part of the larger initiative, DigiMuse, the VR experience showcase gave visitors a chance to discover the best of VR creations of different genres from all over the world. Viewers immersed themselves in endangered UNESCO sites, current real-time issues, experiential art and celebrated VR productions.

As you can see, several companies already are gaining a competitive edge with immersive technologies. Working with Hiverlab can will your organization ahead of the competition in Industry 4.0.

HiverLab, Singapore’s award-winning media technology company, focuses on immersive technology since 2014. The firm helps organizations create innovative products and solutions in the domains of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Data Visualization and beyond, striving to advance communication experiences, enable digital transformation, and define human interaction.


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