5 Ways AR Can Improve Everyday Lives

Without a doubt, smart technology is developing at a rapid rate. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that is quickly improving and developing. It is starting to transform and improving the way we live. Here are five ways AR is currently enhancing our everyday lives.

1. Staying Fit

Everyone desires to get healthy and stay constantly this way. However, most people find it hard to stay disciplined to stick to a healthy regimen. AR can help one keep track. Integrating AR into your fitness routine can help you stay focused, gain utility, and incorporate fun into your workouts. Here are a few ways AR enhances your fitness regimen.

Real-time Body Information

AR gives you real-time data about your body as you exercise. You can know your heart rate, which informs you as to whether you are working too hard, or too lax in your exercise.

Also, AR tracks the meters you have ran or walked. This tracking informs about your progress. Many AR devices use tokens as prizes. You receive these tokens as a form of reward for reaching your fitness goals for the day, week, and month. Seeing your progress and getting rewarded for accomplishing your goals is an accomplishment to stay fir and focused. 

Accessible Fitness Information

There is a ton of information about fitness routines and workout machines. AR improves the accessibility to this information.

AR devices, such as smart glasses allow you to see customized workout videos. This kind of smart technology lets you have a personal fitness trainer at your fingertips. If you are kickstarting a fitness program, this aspect of AR can help decrease any anxiety related to going to a gym for the first timer.

Having Fun

AR also improves workouts by incorporating gaming aspects into each routine. This aspect makes exercising fun and motivates you to accomplish your workout and overall health goals.

There are AR apps that use mysteries, treasure hunts, and video games to motivate you to workout. There is an app that motivates you to run from zombies; by the end of your escape, you have at least 5km.

2. Improving Our Knowledge

Augmented Reality is improving our experiences at museums and our discovery of new destinations. AR enables you to explore the history of Italian seaport town like Sardinia as though you are physically walking through its streets. Also, museums are leveraging on AR to help visitors get in-depth knowledge about a painting or sculpture at which they are viewing.

3. Enhancing Learning Methods

AR has improved the way teachers teach, and the way corporations train their employees. Most people learn from seeing. AR allows salespeople to see and experience the products they are selling. As a result, they quickly gain in-depth knowledge about the products they are selling.

Also, teachers use AR to teach subjects to students that might seem dull. For instance, some students might think science is boring. However, AR’s smart technology capabilities breathes life into subjects such as astronomy and geography. This technology enables students to interact with the information, and that makes learning fun. As a result, students stay engaged and learn faster.

4. Discovering More About Our Location

Whether you’re moving to a new location or you are vacationing, Augmented reality improves how you acclimate yourself to your surroundings. AR helps you find restaurant reviews, great deals on home furnishings, and fascinating information about the surrounding buildings. It can also improve your navigation of a city’s public transportation system. This technology allows you to explore your surroundings with information on the go; nearly everything you need to know about a place is accessible from your smart device. 

5. Try First, Buy Later

Nowadays, most shoppers shop online. Online clothing shops don’t have fitting rooms. Also, an online picture of a brown leather sofa does not help you see whether it will match the walls of your home. Augmented Reality changes all that. AR permits you to go online to a furnishing store like Wayfair, select a piece of furniture, and arrange it in any of your rooms to see if it is a good fit for your room.

This smart technology also allows you to drive cars, and see how a dress, shirt, coat, or shoes look and feel on you. If you want to try the new safety features of a new model of Volvo, AR, allows you to do that. Augmented reality improves your shopping experience because you can try anything out before you buy it in the comfort of your living room.

As you can see, AR is changing our lives for the better. This smart technology is enhancing the way we stay in shape, improving our minds to visualize things better so that we make informed decisions. Augmented Reality bridges data and experience together to improve our everyday life.


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