6 Reasons Why Interactive Videos are Transforming Video Advertising

Even though interactive videos are still evolving, most people have only experienced them on the Internet. This new form of advertising allows users to choose different stories about your product and immerse themselves in your product or service.

360 degree interactive videos have a fantastic “wow” factor because of its look of high quality and cutting-edge technology. These videos are easy to make and with the right software and genius ideas, bringing your brand to life is within your fingertips.

The benefits of this new media are growing and surpass those of standard videos. This post will compare 360 degree interactive videos to conventional video advertising.

Interactive vs Standard

Much of the standard videos you see now are passive. When consumers watch a video, they consume only the information. They eat up the content as inactive receivers of content. As they watch, they can play, pause, rewind, fast forward, restart, and leave. Consumers have limited interactions with standard videos.

In contrast, 360 degree interactive videos permit consumers to act upon the content. Using various tools, users can immerse themselves in the message. They can drag the screen inside a frame to view your ads in all directions. They can also click, scroll, hover, gesture, and more to experience your ads.

On the whole, the interactivity of these kinds of videos creates memorable experiences. As a result, you can distinguish your brand from your competitors. Here are some advertising benefits 360 degree interactive videos have over regular video.

In Industry 4.0, digital media consumers get bombarded with hundreds and thousands of digital messages each day. With this much ad exposure, you can see why it’s difficult for standard videos to capture and maintain the attention of consumers.

Numerous industries worldwide have begun creating captivating content with 360 degree interactive videos. Companies within industries such as automobile, food and beverage, travel and hospitality now combine creative advertising ideas with interactive video.

Ford uses interactive video to take viewers on a spectacular 360-degree tour of Paris in their new Mustang.

Here is why so many companies are switching to interactive videos.

Enhanced Engagement

Viewers watching regular videos get distracted easy. Most digital consumers use multiple devices at one time. This numerous device usage makes it difficult to get the attention of a potential customer. With interactive videos, chances of engagement increases. These videos pull the viewer into the story of your product. Therefore, you can capture and maintain the attention of your viewer.

According to the research firm EyeSee, consumers will spend more time engaged with interactive ads than regular video ads. Also, 360 ads have higher click-through rates, shares and subscribers than traditional ads.


Interactive videos enable more data points than regular videos. More data means enhanced tracking of clicks inside the video. Branching allows you to analyze different paths the watcher took while viewing. Video form fields collect data for actionable insights. As a result, you can understand the actual value of video ad spends.

The Power of Choice

When advertisers give consumers a limited number of choices along with the power to act, they still feel like they are in control. Interactive videos allow you to determine the number of options you give consumers while providing them with a means to act on those choices in an instant.

Also, interactive videos allow consumers to choose their ad experience based on their relevant desire. This ability will enable you to create a more relevant experience for the viewer.


Research indicates that most people prefer a personalized advertising experience. Because interactive video ads provide choice to make the ads all about the viewing audience, these ads speak directly to your customer and can change direction based on the actions of the viewer. Gamified options give the viewer control over the outcome of the ad.


With interactive videos, you can get extremely creative with the story of your brand. Using the interactive components, you can place the consumer in a wide range of created worlds. The viewer can choose in which world to immerse themselves.


Engagement, choice, personalization, and innovation add up to a compelling experience for the viewer. Studies show that these extraordinary experiences more effectively capture attention, rouse emotion and impress brand awareness.

More Bang for Your Advertising Buck

360 degree interactive videos are a relatively low cost yet garners a high return on investment. Furthermore, investing now during this technology’s early years will prepare you for the evolution of this top “wow” factor technology.

Interactive videos are a powerful tool to tell your brand story in an engaging, memorable way. By allowing your customers to immerse themselves into your product, they experience how your product fits into their life.


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