AR and VR – Creating Unique Presentation Experiences Worldwide

Humans are storytellers by nature. We’ve gone from etching drawings on the walls of caves to writing with ink and quill, typing on computers, and now, telling memorable marketing stories through the power of immersive technology. Both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) play critical roles in the future of presentations, taking their technological power beyond the gaming industries. The line between our real and digital worlds is blurred beyond repair – but this is one thing we don’t want to fix.

From medicine to automotive, marketing to logistics, and beyond, AR and VR are valuable assets and catalysts for a bottomless, steaming-hot cup of new presentation ideas. By virtually simulating projects, you can “WOW” audiences and deeply influence their buying decisions. AR and VR presentation ideas maximize ad spend by boosting the chances of conversions.

Which to Choose – AR or VR?

This depends entirely on your business, vision, and desired application. In AR settings, this injects computer-generated elements into the world around us, enhancing our surroundings through virtual digital presentations. On the other hand, VR settings, users are escorted into a whole new world entirely, free from the limitations of the physical realm.


Boosting revenue isn’t the only reason to use AR and VR in presentations. The most future-forward companies worldwide are using these technologies to safely train employees using virtual “hazardous” objects, without the need to put people on the front-line unnecessarily.

Business Presentations

AR and VR provide exciting new opportunities to share ideas worth spreading, engage stakeholders, or explain a concept that’s tough to demystify through words. AR and VR can even bring clarity to data sets in the form of pie charts, line and bar graphs, and more, by super-sizing and animating content before an audience’s eyes.

The best part about AR and VR presentations is that they can happen anywhere in the world. You can showcase your presentation to someone on the other side of the planet, provided they have the necessary tools to view it, like a VR headset or AR glasses. This is particularly useful with training and important business presentation, which can be held in multiple virtual locations.

You can even chop and change between locations with ease, saving time and money on costly meeting venues – not to mention wasteful travel time and petrol. Just look at the architecture industry – architects can give clients a tour of a potential new building before it even exists, making it much easier to sell an idea than you’d be able to through a flat piece of paper. VR building inspections are already proving their worth in terms of error elimination and delay prevention.

Trade Fairs

VR is becoming a regular at trade fairs and shows worldwide. Audiences love to learn about new technology and ideas, and what better way to bring your product, service, or other concept to life than by showing it to audiences in “real life?”

For example, if you sell tropical island excursions, you cantalk until the cows come home, but if you really want to show people how amazing the trip will be, take them there – through one little VR headset.

Why Use VR Technology for Presentations?

  • Increase visibility
  • Make experiences interactive
  • Foster improved audience participation
  • Give audiences a real taste of your offering

It’s clear to see that Augmented and Virtual Reality are changing everything we thought we knew about technology, stretching the spectrum of possibility and proving that anything is possible. In the past decade, we’ve seen more technological advancements than we have in the past 500 years combined – and we’re sure this is just the beginning of even bigger things we are yet to comprehend.


Share your world with your audience in an immersive 360° ​virtual reality experience.Virtual reality is a powerful medium that engage audiences like never before.

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