Hiverlab appointed by Microsoft to develop Mixed Reality adoption in Vietnam

Vietnam, 15 June 2021 (Tuesday) – Hiverlab is pleased to announce that they have been appointed by Microsoft to promote the adoption of Mixed Reality (MR) in Vietnam. Under this appointment, Hiverlab will be the exclusive Authorised Device Reseller (ADR) for Microsoft’s MR device – Hololens 2, and develop the MR ecosystem in Vietnam.

Mixed reality enhances our ability to create, learn, and collaborate in the workplace.  This is a transformational type of technology. According to Hiverlab, the types of ROI that companies see using MR over the past couple of years have proven to have transformational benefits.

When working in 3D anywhere, with the right cloud and security, companies are able to see tremendous improvements in skilling and efficiency gains. 

Currently, Hololens 2 is used in a wide range of industries, some notable industries which Hololens 2 are being used in are Industrial & Manufacturing, Training & Education, Medical & Healthcare. Some use cases of Hololens 2 include remote assistance, collaborative visualisation, training and task guidance.

“We are honoured that Microsoft has selected Hiverlab as their authorised device reseller for Vietnam. This signifies recognition of Hiverlab as a strong player in the immersive tech space by one of the most successful companies in the world. This appointment also comes timely as the industry is starting to take flight.” Says Ender Jiang, CEO of Hiverlab.

“As an immersive tech solutions provider, Hiverlab is also able to build applications and solutions compatible with Hololens 2. This means that companies are able to get an end-to-end MR solution from a single vendor – no need to search across multiple vendors.” He added.

Companies in Vietnam are able to get access to Hololens 2 through device purchase or device loan structure. Hiverlab is currently accepting pre-orders for Hololens 2. For more information about Hiverlab and Hololens 2, please visit their website.

About Hiverlab

Hiverlab is an award winning technology company offering digital transformation solutions such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Cloud Computing, System Integrations, and Data Visualisation. Founded in 2014, Hiverlab has grown to be one of Singapore’s most prominent digital transformation enabler. Having worked with over 150 clients across 14 industries and 10 countries, including fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

For more information about Hiverlab, please visit .


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