A collab with L’Oréal to build virtual career fair

A collab with L’Oréal to build a virtual career fair

It was such a pleasant opportunity working with the talent acquisition team at L’Oréal last month!

Below shows a short video preview of the results from our collaboration to build a virtual career fair on CloudExpo for L’Oréal’s campus recruitment.

We chose to work with expansive and vast virtual rooms or environments, to leverage the digital format of such a platform, as well as integrate music for an immersive browsing experience.

All banners or icons here are clickable and will be able to teleport visitors to other “rooms”, which are chosen mainly on the basis that they fit well as a piece in the virtual world created, and have appropriate screens and space to hold video or static content.

This certainly marks one of the ways forward when it comes to recruitment of new talents, to have all relevant materials centralized in a platform format that current generations of digital natives are fluid in, and to invest effort in engaging such young minds.

Crafting such a virtual experience also gives companies the opportunity to demonstrate their culture, or more vaguely, their “vibe” – something fresh graduates  considered greatly when seeking new opportunities.


Share your world with your audience in an immersive 360° ​virtual reality experience.Virtual reality is a powerful medium that engage audiences like never before.

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